Take control of your data and identity
Decentralised. Secure. Private.

Why Openstar?

We assert secure, tamper free rich content exchange coupled with a choice of provider has tremendous value

Leave Facebook!

Exchange family photos and stories only with your family and friends, not with Facebook

Prevent Google et al mining your mail!

Only the sender and the recipients can see the contents of your messages.

Charge advertisers for your attention!

Set your pay wall to charge unknown senders for sending you messages putting you in control. Use this revenue to send your messages "for free"

Stop 3rd parties interfering in your communications!

Multiple providers charge micro fees for store and forward of your data, if one disappoints you - switch! Use Openstar peers as message relays to frustrate monitoring

Own your identity!

No one but you controls the keys to your identity, choose to trust a provider with them, have them never leave your machine, add someone to rescue your account in the event your keys are compromised or don't...

Design new interactions!

Cute cat photos with text is only one kind of message, games, group bookings, and more can all be built and introduced to the ecosystem

Testnet 0 - Blackrock

Nov 2018

Dynamic Quorum, Consensus, Multi Ledger Support, UTXO Balance Ledger, Identity Ledger, Encrypted Messaging, Proof of Concept UI

Testnet 1 - Milford

Q1 2019

Peer Discovery, Checkpoints, Telemetry, Multiple Chain Support (Scaling Solution), Identity Policies, Upgrade Path, Custom Message Development (User Defined "Smart Contracts")

Mainnet 1 - Skellig

Q2 2019

Monetary & Quorum Expansion Policy, Censorship Resistance, Hierarchical Identity Claiming, Security Audit, Deployment Optimizations

Get In The Game!

Openstar has come a long way in a short time, a demonstratably working core exists, many questions have been answered, a tribute to some hard work by a disparate global team, but more are needed, if you can contribute or want to be involved ... now is the time.

  • Paul H (Bus Dev)
  • Paul K (Dev)
  • Cormac H (devops)
  • Kruno (dev) U
  • Asen (Partner)
  • Kieth White (Security Advisor)
  • Gosia (BA & Quality)

Donate to the Development of the Openstar platform

Openstar can continue to be developed on an uber cost efficient budget a fraction of what other projects will burn using small skilled distributed teams focused on clearly defined goals. We can take this effort all the way to production as an open source Scala project, but to ship the next milestone (Milford) we need to pay for development resources.